Tender Retail MCM

Merchant Connect-Multi (MCM) is comprehensive, secure, direct-to-acquirer middleware designed to eliminate gateway and processing fees while providing top notch, custom-tailored payment experiences for customers.

Partner product overview

Designed to integrate with all major PIN Pad manufacturers and POS systems, Merchant Connect-Multi (MCM) provides merchants a secure, reliable, and flexible middleware solution that uses a direct-to-J.P. Morgan model to eliminate gateway fees. The direct-to J.P. Morgan model includes the ability to handle the latest payment methods such as email receipts, QR code processing, contactless payment, and EMV chip processing and gift card transactions. MCM provides comprehensive support and services, including development, payment experience customization and implementation.

Benefits with J.P. Morgan

  • Direct-to-J.P. Morgan payment processing eliminates gateway and processing fees
  • Payment experience customization
  • Fully tailored payment flows
  • Custom data capture
  • Gift card and Alternative Payment (APM) support
  • Supports a wide range of terminal providers
  • Comprehensive support and development

An industry leader in payment technologies for over 30 years, Tender Retail develops innovative, secure, and seamless payment solutions for Tier 1 and Tier 2 enterprise chains. Through flexible integrations, custom-tailored terminal displays, and direct-to-JPMorgan  transactions, Tender Retail empowers each unique merchant to provide their customers with best-in-class payment experiences—all while eliminating gateway and processing fees.