J.P. Morgan Access Embedded Digital solution for SAP S/4HANA simplifies technical banking integration and offers a comprehensive set of banking capabilities to meet your requirements today and to scale up your business into the future.

Partner product overview

The current solution offers real-time bank reporting with reconciliation and wire payment tracking with SWIFT gpi data. The implementation process requires minimal resources, and remote support is available from J.P. Morgan. SSL certificates or OAuth is required for secure communication with J.P. Morgan. User entitlements will be authorized through the existing SAP® Admin Center.

Benefits with J.P. Morgan

A Single Solution that helps drive efficiency across accounts payables and receivables for customers of SAP S/4HANA with benefits such as:

  • A ready built SAP adapter to connect to J.P. Morgan reporting APIs.
  • Audit report to ensure automate day-end reconciliation.
  • Improved reconciliation due to rich information in the API data.
  • Minimal involvement from IT resources.
  • Highly secured connectivity from SAP to J.P. Morgan.