Microsoft Dynamic 365 Finance and Operation

Host-to-Host—ERP Adapter offers a non-intrusive Microsoft D365 Finance and Operation (F&O) solution with standard Microsoft D365 F&O features (i.e. Generic Electronic Reporting (GER) framework) that generate the CGI-compliant industry standard ISO 20022 file format for payment processing.

Partner product overview

  • Compatible with Microsoft D365 F&O version PU 25 onwards.
  • Preconfigured mapping template and rules.
  • Uses standard Microsoft D365 F&O modules and functionality including GER, payment generation process for Account Receivables and Payables.
  • Enables transaction initiation around the globe.
  • Includes an easily readable and modifiable XML Mapping Template.

Benefits with J.P. Morgan

ISO 20022 XML format Global standard format with minimal changes required ISO certified message standards enable:

  • Better visibility across multiple banks with standardized account and transaction reporting.
  • Improved controls for compliance and audits.
  • Greater consistency across your banking structure for transaction initiation standards.
  • Drive value for your business.
  • Simplify and expedite Host-to-Host ISO 20022 implementation.
  • Take advantage of the default templates setup directly within Microsoft D365 F&O Payment Process Profiles.
  • Easily translate Microsoft F&O’s native payment generation XML file to ISO 20022 XML format with smart mapping capabilities.
  • Create a seamless and cost efficient implementation lifecycle Seamlessly transition to the industry standard at a low cost.
  • Easily manage despite the ever-changing regulatory and clearing requirements.