J.P. Morgan Treasury Workstation powered by Trovata

J.P. Morgan & Trovata have partnered together to launch J.P. Morgan Treasury Workstation – a modern bank-agnostic, multi-bank treasury management system.

Partner product overview

Cash management is more complicated as you add more banks. Corporates need clear, timely, consistent visibility across all their banks, accounts, entities in one intelligent treasury platform.

Features include:

  • Balances: One, near-real-time, window into cash balances across all your accounts, banks, entities
  • Transactions & Tagging: Google-like search for easy exploration of all transactions and intelligent tagging to automatically bucket transactions across all your banks and accounts
  • Analysis & Reports: Robust set of business intelligence tools to instantly visualize, analyze, report on cash across all your banks
  • Forecasting: Powerful and flexible foresting powered by AI & ML to simplify generation, analysis, reconciliation of cash forecasts
  • Payments: Configure custom payment execution approval workflows and initiate payments from multiple banks in one secure platform
  • Investments: Easily invest excess cash into higher yield investments and money market

Benefits with J.P. Morgan

  1. Less Manual Work → Increase Productivity: No need to log into multiple bank portals, download and interpret statements, or manage multiple spreadsheets
  2. Increase Cash Visibility → Make Better Decisions: Quickly determine your holistic cash position across all of your banks. Invest excess cash for higher return
  3. Minimize Spreadsheet Risk → More Secure Process: Eliminate risk from manual processes involving spreadsheets through automated data ingestion and treasury workflows
  4. Better User Experience → Faster Adoption: Modern, intuitive, easy-to-use user interface that is super flexible / configurable to your specific needs
  5. Modern Tech → Easy to Start and Grow. 100% cloud, built on big data, connected via APIs means you can get started in weeks with no IT required
  6. Available via J.P. Morgan → Cost Effective. Cheaper than legacy solutions. No additional contracts. No third-party implementors. Ability to leverage JPM ECR to off-set fees

Trovata empowers everyone to analyze, report, forecast, transact—manage cash like a pro—no matter who your business banks with. No IT required.