GTreasury Payments Integration

GTreasury has partnered with J.P. Morgan to simplify retrieving intraday and historical balance data for your cash reporting accounts. This straightforward and secure integration gives treasury teams real-time access to their data, providing valuable insight for decision-making.

Partner product overview

As a single source of data for cash, payments and risk activities, GTreasury delivers real-time cash and liquidity management through its secure, centralized solution for end-to-end cash visibility. The J.P. Morgan Account Balances API is integral to that visibility, allowing clients to effectively track the movement of cash and providing real-time reporting, which means increased operational efficiency

Benefits with J.P. Morgan

The J.P. Morgan API allows for a secure integration with the GTreasury platform while providing real-time access to your treasury data

  • All information requests are initiated through the GTreasury platform
  • The status of the J.P. Morgan API connection to GTreasury is constantly displayed within the GTreasury Marketplace for ease of use
  • Balances will be processed as actuals or estimates based on the setup of the plugin
  • Duplication checks exist so that the same balance cannot be created multiple times
  • All of the existing transaction codes (user codes) used for BAI2 and CAMT reporting files are leveraged, eliminating the need for remapping cash position worksheets or forecasts

GTreasury is the leading innovator of integrated SaaS treasury and risk management solutions for the digital treasurer. We offer any combination of cash management, payments, financial instruments, risk management, accounting, banking and hedge accounting—all seamlessly integrated, on-demand worldwide and fully secured.