Dwolla offers businesses a way to leverage their existing J.P. Morgan commercial relationships and integrate modern payment processing capabilities into their operations.

Partner product overview

Dwolla Connect is a modern API solution connected to J.P. Morgan's Access Platform. Businesses can streamline their payment processes and open doors to expanded payment capabilities by integrating account-to-account payment processing into their applications. Implementing and maintaining Dwolla’s single API can save businesses' development time and resources, unlock the ability to automate manual processes, and increase visibility into payment activity.

Benefits with J.P. Morgan

  • Simplifies integration with J.P. Morgan’s payment APIs through a developer-friendly, single API
  • Facilitates end-to-end automation of payment processes
  • Allows businesses to control the UX and fits into their application flow
  • Limits the sharing of sensitive information through a tokenized experience
  • Helps businesses improve visibility into payment activity by providing real-time data on payments

Dwolla’s modern payments API simplifies account-to-account (A2A) payments, empowering businesses to automate money movement, significantly reduce processing times and improve profitability.