Boost Payment Solutions

The collaboration between Boost Payment Solutions and J.P. Morgan helps virutal card and SUA users capture incremental volume with automated B2B payment processing and supplier enablement services.

Partner product overview

Boost Payment Solutions and J. P. Morgan have collaborated to help commercial card customers capture incremental spend and maximize their program revenue by increasing card acceptance. Boost's patented Straight-Through Processing (STO) platform automates the processing of virtual cards and SUA, making it cheaper and easier for suppliers to accept commercial card payments. The STP platform acts as a lockbox for card payments, converting e-mail or file-based card notifications into passive payments with enhanced remittance reporting. Through its collaboration with Boost, J.P. Morgan can offer cardholders access to a growing global network of card-accepting suppliers. In addition to STP, Boost offers best-in-class supplier enablement services to increase acceptance of commercial cards, driving incremental revenue for your program.

Benefits with J.P. Morgan

  • Seamless Integration - solutions quickly and easily integrate directly in to your systems.
  • Quick and Easy - no additional development work is required to start using Boost's STP platform.
  • Growing Network - access thousands of card-accepting suppliers around the world.
  • Optimized Working Capital - flexible solutions to help unlock capital and improve cash flow.
  • Increased Data Security - eliminate exposure to card data and reduce fraud.
  • Operational Efficiency - eliminate manual workflows with end-to-end payment and data automation.
  • Supplier Enablement - well-executed campaigns specifically designed to expand card acceptance.

Boost Payment Solutions optimizes the use and acceptance of commercial cards with a patented straight-through processing platform that eliminates friction and delivers process efficiency, payment security, data insights and revenue optimization.