ACI’s agnostic payments orchestration platform helps merchants sell more, lose less, and maximize margins. The secure solution is configured with 1,000+ connectors, APMs, Wallets and BNPL providers.

Partner product overview

ACI Worldwide and J.P. Morgan have collaborated to offer an agnostic payments orchestration platform that works with the entire payments ecosystem with the goal of helping merchants sell more, lose less, and maximize margins. The secure solution works in-store, online, and mobile for true omni-commerce. Real-time payments are offered to reduce costs and clear funds quicker. It is continually kept up to date with the latest advances, so you can quickly pivot to current consumer preferences.

  • One-click Payments – remove friction and increase conversions.
  • Agnostic solution – full payments ecosystem can be integrated through open API.
  • Secure and PCI Compliant – P2PE and tokenization with ability to remove PCI scope from merchant.
  • Low cost to operate – configure best in breed services and manage payments from cart to settlement.
  • Dedicated Fraud – with industry leading KPIs to increase conversions and reduce chargebacks.
  • Data Analytics & Reporting – understand and improve your customer journeys.

Benefits with J.P. Morgan

  • Allows clients to connect directly to J.P. Morgan to facilitate Merchant Services.
  • Supports simplicity of setup and implementation with a single API.
  • Comply with key regulations based on payment method, geography and type of purchase.
  • Adjust operating rules by payment method, acceptance device, network and financial institution.
  • Streamline the checkout experience with the latest payments types and technology.
  • Consolidate multiple fraud signals to drive conversions and acceptance rates.

ACI Worldwide — a leader in real-time payments — delivers the mission-critical real-time payments software solutions that enable corporations to process and manage digital payments, power omni-commerce payments, present and process bill payments, and manage fraud and risk. In short, we’re helping banks, merchants and billers capture rising real-time opportunities and volumes, all to meet the shifting needs of their consumers and business customers.